Operating Systems and Office Applications

If you don't find something you're looking for on this page, feel free to contact us for advice, or check out http://www.alternative.to/ to find alternatives for programs and functions we haven't listed. Let us know what you find. We may list it here for others to try.

OPERATING SYSTEMS (Commercial and Open-Source)

(Specialized Operating Systems will be listed under the most appropriate section)

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS - Linux (Debian)


For general information about Ubuntu, start here.


Ubuntu Desktop - 64 bit download, 32 bit available.

Full featured, with many daily use applications pre-loaded.

Download it here.


Ubuntu Server - 64 bit only. Lean, Command Line Interface OS. Great starting point for server customization, or creating your own unique flavor of Ubuntu.

Download it here.


Ubuntu Flavours - Landing site for several variations of Ubuntu, each with unique User Interfaces and pre-loaded applications.

Download them here.


Try them out using Live Media or using a VM. Walkthroughs will be available here shortly if they aren't already posted.

Mint - Linux (Ubuntu/Debian)

Windows GUI style Linux


Linux Mint - 64 bit, 32 bit available.

A Windows Style Desktop Interface distribution based on Ubuntu.

There are a few versions, but 'Cinnamon' is currently the most popular.


For more information about Mint, start here.

Download Linux Mint 'Cinnamon', or any other variation, here.

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10


Downloading images of the install media for Windows is legal, and very helpful for many different reasons.


NOTE: You still need to purchase a physical copy or license to activate and use the operating system legally. If you do not own a license for your Windows OS, you are breaking the law.

You can download Windows images using tools directly from Microsoft (if you already have a product key) at the sites below, or you can download them (and Office images, if you own a license) using this tool.


Windows 7 ISO download

Windows 8.1 ISO Media Creation Tool

Windows 10 ISO Media Creation Tool



LibreOffice - 'MS Office' Alternative

OS compatibility: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X (Viewing and limited editing currently available through Android app)



  • Writer - MS Word
  • Calc - MS Excel
  • Impress - MS PowerPoint
  • Draw - None
  • Base - MS Access
  • Math - None


A wide range of extensions and add-ons are available to enhance features or insert missing ones.


For more information about features and compatibility, start here.


Download LibreOffice Still (major releases) here.

Extensions can be found here.

Additional templates to use can be found here.

Thunderbird - 'MS Outlook' Alternative

OS compatibility: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X


For more information about Thunderbird, start here.

Download Thunderbird, with your choice of language and operating system, here.

Extensions and themes for Thunderbird can be found here.