System Maintenance Utilities

If you don't find something you're looking for on this page, feel free to contact us for advice, or check out to find alternatives for programs and functions we haven't listed. Let us know what you find. We may list it here for others to try.


OS compatibility: Windows, Android, Mac OS X


CCleaner is handy to keep around for one simple reason: It puts most of your boring system cleaning tasks into one application.

With a few settings tweaks, it can help keep your hard drive fairly free of clutter. It offers a few other features, though those can, and likely should, be ignored by most daily PC users.

It does include a registry cleaning feature, which has always worked well in our experience. However, if you decide to use that function, ALWAYS answer Yes when it asks if you want to backup the registry changes before it runs.


The free version works quite well. Information can be found here, and the download page can be found here.


OS compatibility: Windows


If you've used the built in Windows Defrag utility, you know it's fairly barebones, and has no real flexibility. Its performance also leaves much to be desired.

Defraggler is a good replacement for it, and can be scheduled, set to move larger files to the end of the drive, etc.


To find out more, click here.

To download Defraggler, click here.


OS compatibility (Full Support): Windows, Android, Mac OS X, iOS, ChromeOS, Linux, Windows App [mobile], Blackberry


TeamViewer is free for personal use, with a wide range of very useful functions even in the free version. We use the Professional edition, which has a few extra features for remote management of multiple client groups.

Remotely access your system while on vacation, wake-on-lan support if you've got an always-on server or use a Dynamic DNS service such as No-IP, which we'll discuss in a blog soon.


TeamViewer Homepage

TeamViewer Feature Overview

TeamViewer Downloads

Advanced Tokens Manager

OS compatibility: Windows


An extremely helpful program to have on hand if you need to wipe a Windows PC to do a clean install, This app will pull and display your Product Key and activation, backing both up for you, so you can reapply them after reinstalling Windows.


Download Advanced Tokens Manager here.


OS compatibility: Windows


*** The new version allows you to save the file even if you've moved your User Profile to another partition or drive, which was not possible before. It works with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10, and should also work with Enterprise editions as well. ***


A VisualBasic script to display your Product Version, Product ID, and Product Key, for reference, verification, or backup purposes. It also asks if you'd like to save these to a file. If you answer yes, it will store them in plain text in a new text file on your Desktop, WindowsKeyInfo.txt.

When using Advanced Tokens Manager, it can be used to verify ATMs output before backing up your activation.

It's also quite handy if you've lost your installation disc and Product Key, but plan on performing a clean install.

The script is saved in a .zip file, and will need to be extracted. Just right click the .zip file, select 'Extract All'.


Download it from our ownCloud server here.


OS compatibility: Windows


PuTTY is an OpenSSH client for Windows, used to access remote systems you manage. It's a very handy, yet simple tool with many features to allow secure access to everything from servers to routers.

The site is very no nonsense, so it may be difficult to navigate. We've included links to keep things simple.


PuTTy Homepage

PuTTY Documentation and How-to's

PuTTY Downloads Page

PuTTY Direct Download Link


OS compatibility: Windows


CrystalDiskInfo is a S.M.A.R.T. monitoring tool for Windows. It allows you to check hard drive health information for most hard drive types, set notifications, and more.

Streamlined, simple, and easy to use.


CrystalDiskInfo Download

CrystalDiskInfo Information