Virtualization and Development

If you don't find something you're looking for on this page, feel free to contact us for advice, or check out to find alternatives for programs and functions we haven't listed. Let us know what you find. We may list it here for others to try.



OS compatibility*: Windows, Linux, OS X


VirtualBox is a great application for testing out new operating systems, development, and running multiple servers on a single machine. 

It's easy to use, with a wide range of support articles on the Internet. It also helps to keep your primary system safe while you tinker, or it can help protect your main system from attack, if you're running virtualized servers.

This does come at the cost of a little performance loss, but it's minimal, and the benefits far outweigh the loss.

We'll be doing a full series of walkthroughs for it, hopefully soon.


To get a little more information about VirtualBox, click here.

If you've taken the plunge, but need some tutorials, check out their documentation here.

To download VirtualBox, enter the realm of virtualization, and begin your journey down the rabbit hole, click here.


NOTE: Always download and install the Extension Pack, for the VirtualBox program itself, and Guest Additions for whatever operating system you're running in your Virtual Machine. Even if you don't use their features directly, certain functions simply perform better with the Extensions Pack and Guest Additions installed, so it's worth the time and disk space.


*Compatibility listing is for the system you install VirtualBox on.



OS compatibility: Windows, Linux, OS X


A simple text editor that has various add-ons and features to highlight text for certain types of code, the ability to create "snippets" (frequently used sections of text, to minimize time spent doing the copy and paste shuffle), and several other sets of useful features.

It's great for when you don't want or need a full development environment, but want to work on a script or set of functions to use later.

Visit the GEdit Homepage

Browse GEdit Plugins

Download GEdit


OS compatibility: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X

Visual Studio Code

OS compatibility: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X



SemiCode OS

This is worth keeping an eye on. An Ubuntu based OS that's loaded with only the programs you need to function, and nearly every popular application used for programming, all in one convenient ISO.

It's still in very early beta, so we can't recommend this to most users. Yet.


If you'd like to keep track for yourself, check out their homepage.

To see some screenshots of what they've got so far, click here.