Backup with BackBlaze

Backing up your photos, files, and documents with BackBlaze is a great way to start protecting yourself from data loss.


Regular backups are an integral part of the Trinity of Good Computing: Backups, Security, and Updates.


There are two primary types of backups: System Images (full backups of the operating system, programs, and settings, that can be used for recovery from catastrophic failure), and individual file backups. We recommend configuring your operating system to use a secondary drive to store your personal files, and an external drive or NAS for system images for our residential clients, but that's only half of the equation.


You likely already use limited online storage, for online sharing or backups for your phone, without really thinking about it: Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photo, iCloud. Nearly everyone with a cell phone uses one of these services. Some may even have the applications installed on their PC.


Those that do, ask yourself this: How many times have you had to pick and choose what to keep? Which photos you want protected? Which files, movies, or music?


Those services are great for limited file sharing, but they are file sharing services. They aren't intended for mass file backups. Low available storage space, high prices for additional storage... BackBlaze is designed solely for backup and recovery.


There are other options out there, but none that we feel are truly competitive.


For a $5 monthly subscription, or a $50 one year license we can offer as a BackBlaze partner, you can backup your important files. ALL of them. No file size limits, no additional cost for more than 25GB; the only limit is your internet connection. Copies of your files are stored on their encrypted systems, protected by 24/7 security, and available for recovery when you need them.