Custom Business PC Design and Installation Services


For business purposes, it often makes sense to purchase new systems in bulk, say 5-10 at a time. Usually this means they all have the same hardware and software. This is very useful for daily work, and reduces maintenance costs by allowing IT professionals to download a single set of updates and distribute them.

Off-the-shelf PCs are convenient, and often cost effective, but they lack flexibility.

Many manufacturers use custom power supplies, motherboards with a customized BIOS, and sometimes custom cases. These may look great, but in many cases they prevent easy upgrades. Adding a new video card to get a little extra performance may not be an option without replacing the power supply as well.

Another common cost saving method is to use lower quality bulk parts, such as RAM, system fans, HDDs, etc. We only use quality components in our systems, which results in better performance, stability, and durability.


Custom PCs offer a much wider range of options for upgrade and capability.

If you've got an employee who spends the majority of his or her time working on custom graphics, for instance, an off-the-shelf PC just doesn't cut it. They typically lack the storage, memory, and pure number crunching power of a custom system, and drastically reduce efficiency for specialized workers.

Servers are another group of systems that nearly always benefit from customization.

A broad range of available hardware, open-source software, and standardized part specifications allow us to create flexible systems that can grow with your business.

To put it in perspective:

For about the cost of a single off-the-shelf server that doesn't include software, has no configuration, and has limited expansion options, we can typically build and configure two comparable servers that have room to nearly double their power and storage capacity. It really does make that much of a difference.


If you're looking to upgrade your systems, install a new server, or just want to get an idea of what your options are, send us an email or give us a call. We'll be happy to go over your current needs and plans for the future, and recommend the option that will get you the most for your money, whether we build it for you or not.

We've changed how we list our products, because every client and their situation is unique, and we want to speak to each customer personally. We want to ensure that the systems you buy are customized to your needs.

The system models listed are merely starting points for building your systems.

We use MSRP pricing to build our offered systems, because prices are constantly changing. When we price parts for a system for you, any savings we obtain on components will be passed on.