Custom Built Home PCs

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Store bought PCs are convenient, sure, but they lack flexibility.

Many manufacturers use custom power supplies, motherboards with a customized BIOS, and sometimes custom cases. These may look great, but in many cases they prevent easy upgrades. Adding a new video card to get a little extra performance may not be an option, without replacing the power supply as well.

Another common cost saving method is to use lower quality bulk parts, such as RAM, system fans, HDDs, etc. We only use quality components in our systems, which results in better performance, stability, and durability.

Custom PCs offer a much wider range of options for upgrade and capability.

Gaming PCs, Home Theater PCs, Media or File Servers; we've built them all.


We've changed how we list our products, because every client and their situation is unique, and we want to speak to each one of you personally. We want to ensure that the systems you buy are customized to your needs. 

The system models listed are merely examples. Starting points for building a system you'll love today, and in the future.


We use MSRP pricing to build our example systems and in our BYOPC customization pages because prices are constantly changing, particularly for solid state storage, video cards, and memory.

When we price parts for a system for you, any savings we obtain on components from our sources will be passed on to you.