Hosting Services

Off-site hosting services can be incredibly useful, especially to a small business.

Maybe you're interested in trying out ownCloud, or want to have your own website, but don't have an ISP that delivers the speed and stability that you need.

Perhaps you don't have a good location to host your own servers, or simply don't want to dedicate valuable space to them in your already cramped storefront.

Whatever the reason is, we can help get you going.

We've partnered with Google and Amazon to offer you multiple options for your off-site hosting needs, and can admin them for you as well. We can get your hosted server configured, secured, ready to host the services you need, and save you money in the process.

Contact us to find out what options are available, determine which service would be best for you, and depending on what services you plan on building into your site, our friends at Moonshot Marketing Group (see below) may be able to help you with designing your site.