Multimedia Services - Audio, Video, and Presentation

Music in your waiting room, a wall mounted smart TV for presentations, or setting up a gaming system in the employee lounge, we can do it all.


The most common request we've had so far is to provide a way to make it easy to do presentations for clients. 

Not a problem. With a laptop, a smart TV, and Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra, it's as easy as logging into your favorite website. Just a few clicks in Chrome broadcasts your laptops screen to your smart TV. 

Slideshows, websites, spreadsheets, pictures, even video. Your smart TV becomes a second screen for your laptop.

No long and messy cables, no laser pointers, no hassles. 


Contact us for a a demo of how Chromecast can make your meetings easier, or for any of your other multimedia installation and service needs.