Home Theater Design and Install Services:


Looking to do some upgrades, or a complete home theater remodel? Let us assist you in your home entertainment journey. Our knowledgeable sales staff and installation technicians are ready to help you bring out the full potential in your home entertainment experience.

Each home has its own set of limitations and quirks. Apartments usually don't allow for attic access for running wiring, and tend to get cranky when you open up the walls.

Home owners have it a little easier as cabling can be hidden more easily, with fewer extra parts, but that requires more time for labor.

Whatever your situation, we'll walk you through available options, and determine the best solution that meets your budgetary, performance, and aesthetic requirements.

Whether you're a hardcore gamer, videophile, audiophile, want a custom home theater PC, or you want to connect your gaming PC to your existing home theater system, we can help.

For home theater PCs and media streaming, Plex is a great solution, and one that we use in our own homes.

It uses a two part system to provide its functionality: a server component and a receiver application. The server applications run on nearly any operating system, can transcode your media on the fly, and stream to nearly any device on the market.

Recently added offerings include server applications that run on Amazon Cloud services, and Netgear routers with the application built in.

They offer free apps for most devices, though they do offer a paid subscription service that enhances its already impressive feature set.

Check it out here.