Digital Video Surveillance Services

Having a surveillance system in place is crucial in today's world, for protecting your company, employees, and your customers/clients.

Low quality off-the-shelf systems just don't cut it. Having worked on surveillance systems for a national retailer, I can personally attest to how difficult it is for managers, loss prevention, and the authorities to use the video from low quality systems. Often it takes expensive software to enhance the video, which can bring into question its authenticity and accuracy, causing problems down the line.

The best solution is to use systems that record in the highest source quality possible, and quality systems from Hikvision and expert installation make all the difference. Before buying an inferior analog surveillance system, contact us to come give you a free security camera install estimate. Hikvision is an industry leader in video security hardware. Let us show you the difference. Interior, exterior, and everything in between, we have you covered.

For those who would like a few examples of the difference high quality cameras make, we've linked several comparison videos below, which compare common camera systems available at local retailers and high quality Hikvision products.



NOTE: While these videos do display the quality of the compared cameras, and were done very well, we would like to point out that the systems being compared were not always tuned to their typical environment, nor shot during the same time of day. This was done near the end of each video, giving a better comparison. Sometimes this favored Hikvision, others it favored the other camera. Systems should be properly tuned for their typical environment to achieve the highest quality image in all situations.